Top 3 Qualities of a Great Motorcycle Attorney

Top 3 Qualities of a Great Motorcycle Attorney

Finding the right lawyer for your needs may seem like an intimidating process, but doing your research is key. We are crowded with advertising these days. From billboards and commercials to direct mail and social media ads. It’s hard to differentiate between quality representation and smoke and mirrors. Don’t be fooled. Here are 3 top qualities to look for when hiring a motorcycle attorney.

Positive Client Reviews

What do their clients say? Carolinas’ Biker Lawyers believes that developing real, concrete relationships with our clients and providing them with the highest possible level of legal representation is the best way to establish a positive reputation. We treat our clients like family. A fellow biker will be the last one to get cheated on our watch, as we truly care about our clients and will fight for their rights. See what our clients are saying.

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Amount of Experience and Knowledge

How long has the firm been in business and do they have the right experience and knowledge to help you? You want a law firm that can withstand the test of time. Proven track records of success don’t lie. A law firm that stays in business through recessions and pandemics does so because of the quality of the representation. Along with our 40+ years of legal experience comes motorcycle industry knowledge and perspective to steer you through the twists and turns of the legal process after a motorcycle accident. Bob Karney, an avid rider himself, has been successfully representing injured bikers since 1975.

Community Support

Does this law firm give back to the community? This says a lot about a law firm’s core values. It’s important to find a law firm that values having a positive impact on their community. This is a direct reflection on how they treat their clients. A law firm that is actively involved in their community will always give their clients the respect and support they deserve. See how we support our biker community.

We are not here to tell you who you should or should not hire in the event that you are in need of legal representation after a motorcycle accident. However, it is important for you to have a proper understanding of how to seek out quality legal representation.

Karney|Clayton has been representing injured bikers since 1975. With a clear understanding of the obstacles motorcyclists face both on the road and in the courtroom, our attorneys fight for motorcycle accident victims. Protecting bikers throughout the Carolinas with offices in Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh. From accident through recovery, we’ve got your back. Contact us for your free consultation 877-376-7982.

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