Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

Riding in cold weather doesn’t have to be miserable, you just have to dress accordingly and prepare for it. Winter riding gear will vary from person to person based on location, average weather conditions, and personal preferences. Still, any rider who wants to take their motorcycle out in cold weather should invest in a few essential pieces of winter motorcycle gear.

Full Face Helmet

This will keep your face from freezing up, increase your visibility, and provide the necessary protection from any kind of precipitation. Something with a built-in shield and closable vents to allow you to close as much ventilation as possible and keep the warmth inside your lid is preferrable. 

Neck Protection

Your neck is essentially a “middle ground” for the warmth created by your head and chest. To keep that heat locked in we suggest a neck gaiter. They offer a lot of choices, including windproof options. It’s a small item with a low price, but it can make a big difference when it comes to comfort.

Warm Base Layer

We suggest wool or a moisture-wicking fabric that wicks away sweat while trapping in body heat. Layering is a personal preference from the type of fabric to the amount of layers, so try some different options and see what works best for you.

Leather Jacket

You’ll want a premium cowhide jacket (no lambskin or fashion jackets) with minimal ventilation and a fit that is roomy enough to add layers. You need to be able to bend your arms and control your bike properly.

Gloves & Handwarmers

Good winter gloves are key to winter riding. Deerskin leather, Thinsulate or Gore-Tex are great options for warmth and protection. Try popping in a couple of the thermal packets like “Hot Hands” for some added warmth.

Thick, Warm Socks

Wool socks are the way to go. The taller and thicker they are, the better. You might also consider layering a compression sock for added warmth and increased circulation on a long ride.


One of the most important tips to remember when riding a motorcycle in the winter is, it’s easier to keep warm than to get warm. That’s why having the right cold weather motorcycle gear is so important. Don’t fear the cold. Get out there and embrace it!


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