Tips for Riding your Motorcycle in the Rain

Tips for Riding your Motorcycle in the Rain

Whether you are on a cross-country trek, or just a quick Sunday ride, rain can occur at any time, especially during the winter and spring seasons. Here’s some tips for riding your motorcycle in the rain — whether it’s expected or unexpected.


Invest in Proper Motorcycle Rain Gear

Motorcycle rain gear is designed to keep you dry and comfortable in even the wettest weather. You can choose between two- or one-piece suits both are meant to be worn over riding gear. Also consider visibility. You may want to select rain gear that is bright in color so that other motorists can see you. Retro-reflective elements also increase visibility. We would also suggest wearing waterproof boots and gloves, treating your face shield or goggles with an anti-fog product, and investing in a waterproof backpack.

Drive Defensively

When it’s raining, be even more cautious around other vehicles and keep your distance to ensure you have plenty of brake time. Slow down, avoid sudden moves and stay alert. Water reduces grip and brake-time for every vehicle, but motorcyclists are more vulnerable than other vehicles on the road. In the event of a motorcycle crash, severe injuries are more common.

Avoid Slippery Areas

Oil tends to build up in the center of the lane making it very slippery in the rain. Avoid paint, metal, tar snakes and cat’s-eye reflectors on the road. Also watch out for shiny areas such as old, worn pavement. The shinier the surface is, the slicker they will become when wet.


Riding a motorcycle in any weather requires concentration and physical agility, both of which are impacted heavily by the cold and the wet. By being prepared with proper rain gear and adjusting your riding technique, danger can be avoided and you can arrive at your destination safely.


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