Eric Duncan - 2021 Bulldog Hero of the Year

Eric Duncan - Bulldog Hero nominee

Eric Duncan (Wilkesboro, NC) began an outreach years ago to help support less fortunate families called Wilkes Road Alerts Christmas for Kids Toy Drive. With the help of Crossroads Harley-Davidson in Wilkesboro, individuals and small business’ donate toys or make monetary donations to help with meeting children’s needs.

Eric has been an avid biker for over 35 years and started a Facebook page for road information in Wilkes County called Wilkes Road Alerts. From that he decided to help families that couldn’t afford to give their kids a Christmas. It has grown by leaps and bounds and 100% of the donations are spent for the toys and given out about 5 days before Christmas each year at Crossroads H-D in Wilkesboro, NC.

I have known Eric nearly my whole life and he would give you his last dollar or the shirt off his back to help someone out. Along with his wife, Elaine Duncan and several other volunteers, they have supplied over 600 kids each year with toys. Eric and his wife are team drivers for Southland Trucking in Boonville, NC and spend a lot of time on the road back and forth to California making deliveries. What little free time they have is spent on securing funds and buying toys for the drive. He is truly a Bulldog Hero!

Rockie Lynne Rash - 2nd place Bulldog Hero

Rockie Lynne Rash - Bulldog Hero nominee

I want to nominate Rockie Lynne. From spending his early childhood at Barium Springs after he was found near a dumpster as a newborn to a Country Billboard Music Artist giving back to the fallen heroes. He is the co-founder and chair of Tribute To The Troops, a 501c3 organization. Tribute To The Troops has 5 current chapters across the United States and Rockie sings at all the annual rides and he rides his motorcycle on all the rides to every gold star family that they visit. After over 200 family visits, rolling up on a motorcycle, listening to their stories and giving them hugs it never gets easier, but it is the greatness of giving back. He has ridden in the ride with highs in the 100’s to freezing cold in the snow. Tribute To The Troops has given 110 college scholarships, raising more than $900,000. He also sings in Washington at Rolling Thunder every year. 

He is so down to earth to sit and talk to. He has played in Chicago for our first responders. He sings at multiple venues per year performing at patriotic and military events. He served in the 82nd airborne in the United States Army and he has gone over seas to sing for our troops. When he is not busy playing music, he is more than willing to take a ride with anyone. If you know of a veteran or a veteran’s family that needs help you can always reach out and he is always there to listen. This is what a Bulldog Hero looks like.

Brandee Amos - 3rd place Bulldog Hero

Brandee Amos - Bulldog Hero Nominee

Brandee deserves this award because she always puts everyone 1st. She is a well known name in the biker community. Not only is she the co-owner of Xtreme Wings N Things where on a daily basis she makes sure people are safe. Leaving bikes on patio and making sure they have a safe way home even if she has to pay for an Uber out of her own pocket. She also helps out with many many benefits whether they are including her business or not. She gets calls weekly to help organize, sponsor, find vendors or promote. She honestly spends over 50% of her own money to sponsor or donate to these causes. She tries to do an event each year to help out with Special Olympics which is very close to her heart because of her son who is now 26 yrs old that has been involved with them since he was a very young boy. Last year Brandee was also diagnosed with cancer. We all decided that as much as she has devoted towards helping people out was time for everyone to help her. She wasn’t having that!!! She put a stop to it saying there were so many more people that needed help that were way worse off than she was. She underwent a pretty devastating surgery removing 7 lymph nodes, but it’s now in remission. Last year a friend of the biker community lost everything in a house fire. She got people to bring clothes, furniture, etc and the response was overwhelming. The backroom at Xtreme is still full of those things because it was way too much for the one family. She leaves it there for the next person that needs help.
Several people we know have went down on their bikes. She is the first one to help out. She pays the band on Saturday nights and donates the door charge to the families in need. Not too long ago she even started a Go Fund Me for one of these families and had donation jars up and that ended up helping the family with over $9000 . There are so many more ways she helps families in need. At Christmas she sponsors several families and organizes other families getting help from her family and friends. I honestly can’t think of many people in my lifetime that will go out of their way to help like she does and never complaining about it.

Jerry Ball

Jerry Ball - Bulldog Hero nominee

Jerry is a great influence on many people. He volunteers his time at his kid’s schools helping out with athletic activities etc. He is also the President of our local Guardians of the Children chapter in Wilkesboro NC, He also volunteers at Christmas time by helping the group from Wilkes Road alerts to hand out Christmas gifts to under privileged kids in the area. He also helps out during the CVMA rides that leave Crossroads H-D each year. He is a good guy.

Jack Waters

Jack Waters - Bulldog Hero nominee

Jack has been working to recognize and help veterans for a lot of years. A vet himself, he has led many groups and fundraisers. In 2010 he helped organize and work on a memorial for fallen Navy Seal,  Joshua Harris. Money raised helped different veteran charities. Following that he held a motorcycle ride and a dinner to raise money for Sgt. Ronnie Foster of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Dept, who had cancer, to help with his medical needs. In 2015 he was asked by the Northwest Purple Heart Foundation to assist in raising money for their Annual Purple Heart Dinner. Jack pulled together a team, planned a ride and helped raise over $3,000 the first year. This dinner annually honors approximately 150 Purple Hearts veterans and over 600 guests. Since that time, the event has grown each year and is one of the premier riding events in North Carolina. “Big Bikes 4 Purple Hearts” attracts more that 300 motorcycles each year and with the sponsors and support from Winston Salem Police Department and Davidson County Sheriff’s office the event raises money to support 4 different charities that honor and support Veterans in North Carolina. This past June was the 6th Big Bikes ride and raised more than $15,000. Jack says his philosophy is simple, he treats every rider, supporter or sponsor like they are a member of the Big Bikes family because without them there is no Big Bikes. This year Big Bikes applied for and received their incorporation and expect to obtain their 501 (c) 3 approval from the IRS. His mission is to continue to create great events in order to raise money to help our Veterans in North Carolina. His motto is “One Vet at a Time”. Jack Waters deserves to be recognized as the Bulldog Hero!

Richard Little

Richard Little

Although Richard “Grumpy” is over 70 years old and has radiation poisoning he still rides a motorcycle almost every day. He has rode in many charity and funeral rides, particularly for children. He has given the prizes he has won in the past to the people that the money was being raised for. He gives to several charities. He has been to Bikers with Boxes numerous times and was actually featured in one of Samaritan’s Purse’s videos. He is now a member of the Christian Motorcyclist Association and is reaching out to his fellow bikers in love and compassion so they can have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Chris "Bulldog" Ussery

Chris Ussery

Ironically enough, Bulldog is his name. He is a modern day Superhero, although he would never admit it. He would just shake his head and say, he is “just a man,” but he is much more than that. Complex yes, but selfless. He puts everyone’s needs and happiness before his own. He works construction on a failed knee replacement. He is always in severe pain, but keeps going, never complaining. When he is not working he is taking care of his family and friends. He is direct, you know where you stand. He means what he says and says what he means. He is dependable and shows up! He does, while others won’t. His assuring strength has a way of making you feel safe when he is around. He will do whatever it takes to protect those that are in need.

In his spare time, he is empowering children to not be afraid of the world they live in. No child is too far. It is heartwarming to see him interact with kids, as his tenderness pops out. He is a leader and a brother. He is the President of the Cape Fear Chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse, in Wilmington NC (B.A.C.A.) of which he was instrumental in developing. Children are his life’s mission.

I believe he is worthy of this recognition because he sets the bar for a Bulldog Hero.

Jarrett "Joker" Shotwell

Jarrett Shotwell - Bulldog Hero nominee

I nominate Jarrett ”Joker” Shotwell for this years Bulldog Hero award. Jarrett along with a best friend, his father, and brother started the Steelhorse Strangers MC inc back in the summer 2010. He wanted to start a MC that does special things for the community but its main focus would be hosting a Toy Run for the local kids after I unfortunately lost a 6 year old son 12/10/2007. When this happened Jarrett was there for me and pushed me to continue even when i wanted to give up. He has always been a father figure to my children and being a stepfather takes a hero to fill those shoes anyhow. The Club was started and the first Toy Run was held in Nov 2010 with 60 or so bikes and maybe 100 people in attendance. It raised somewhere around $700 and a good amount of toys. Last year the 11th Annual Steelhorse Strangers MC Person County Toy Run had over 900 in attendance, 521 bikes, raised $57000.00 And a 8×19 storage pod loaded with toys for less fortunate children in our County. Jarrett truly cares for so many and takes pride in being a leader, a brother, a husband, father, and positive role model wherever he goes. He has never met a stranger and treats everyone he meets with respect as he should.

I truly think Jarrett fits the description of your Bulldog Hero and i know that if he does win the winnings will be donated to the Toy Run this year! Here’s a link to last years Toy Run. Here you can see some of the magic take place and the dreams and visions he had years and years ago coming true.

Lynn Burris

Lynn Burris - Bulldog Hero nominee

It is with great pride that I nominate Lynn Burris for Bulldog Heroine. For 5 years she has held benefits, auctions and raffles to raise money for the NC Horse Protection Society. On June 6th of last month, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon…she was ecstatic to take an $800 Donation out to the horse farm. After presenting her donation, she went out into the pasture to get her horse “fix” where she collapsed and the EMTs were not able to revive her. She died that day doing exactly what she loved so dearly…taking care of her horses.

Lynn was always handling benefits, poker runs and fundraisers to help many in need. She wouldn’t take a nickel when she was in need and got mad if we tried to help her. Lynn was the Manager at Stars & Bars Tavern in Salisbury and was very much loved by all who knew her. On June 26th, 2021 we held a Memorial Ride at Stars & Bars Tavern for her. Sixty five bikes and many cages showed up to pay our last respects. We raised $12,500 that day, selling T-shirts, decals, stickers and chicken BBQ plates. There will be another benefit in August in her honor – a fundraiser for her BELOVED HORSES. This one will be an ANNUAL EVENT as well. Even in death she is still taking care of her horses through all of us who loved her dearly. She was one of my dearest friends and she was my WIND SEEZTER. She will be missed by many.

As I write this nomination, a small group is taking that $12,500 that we raised out to the horse farm. I cannot tell you how many lives Lynn has touched with her generosities. None of us have any doubt Lynn may have walked into that pasture that day, but we all know she was given shiny new wings and flew out. Please consider this ANGEL for Bulldog Heroine of the year.
Nancy (LEGGZ) Porter

Mur DeJonge

Mur DeJonge - Bulldog Hero nominee

He is a Purple Heart recipient that always puts everyone else first. He started a non-profit with his wife that helps elderly people in retirement homes. He is very active in his community in MANY ways. He also volunteers anytime the church needs him as well. He always steps up when needed!

Donny Bradley

Donny Bradley - Bulldog Hero nominee

Humble Hero with a Heart of Gold, Leading by Example – that’s Donny Bradley. Always standing ready to help, in any way he can. Donny is known throughout our state as the go-to guy for organizing rides and events. He also has a very special superpower: the ability to rally much needed troops at a moments notice. Donny’s passion and dedication to our community is what inspires so many of us to volunteer alongside him. He has worked endlessly for years Honoring those who Serve and their families by helping with fundraisers and providing escorts to pay tribute to the fallen. Having recently been installed as the Commander at American Legion Post 65 Donny will no doubt continue to make great things happen for our Veterans. Assisting and showing appreciation for our First Responders has also been an extremely important mission for him. Donny has also partnered with Dillon’s Ride, served on the Board of Tribute to the Troops, and has supported tons of local organizations in so many ways, including Rolling Thunder, Legion Riders, Red Knights, and more. He is always quick to give others credit for his successes, especially his wife Angie and their entire family, who have the same beautiful drive to help others. Yet it is Donny’s selfless personality that draws people in, makes them want to do more, to be more, and to make a difference.

Donny Bradley IS a Bulldog Hero, Every Single Day.

Wilson "Happy" Coble

Happy Wilson - Bulldog Hero nominee

This man is a hero in every sense. He gives so much of himself and is never selfish. He always coming up with a way to help others. He started his own group called the StreetAngelz. The saying that he always tells his group is “We Exist To Help Others”. He has organized two rides to help homeless and to raise funds for autoimmune diseases (Scleroderma). He has gotten enough food to go to Charlotte and feed the homeless. He even went to McDonalds and order sixty hamburgers and gave them to all the homeless people he could. He has organized a free hotdog giveaway to help the community of Lincolnton and took a donation of clothes and other stuff to the Coalition Against Domestic Violence. He is always helping other groups with their causes, whether its going on a ride, giving helpful advice, or just showing his support. He is always coming up with way to give back to his community. He is planning a food giveaway to the homeless in the near future for at least two days a week for a few months.

This man came from nothing. He was an abused child who ran away from home to escape all the abuse. But that came with a price…getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. After a few arrest and going to prison,  he made himself a promise that he would never do anything that would lead him back to that cold place and started to work on a future of helping kids and anyone in need.

I have known Wilson for 29 years and i must say he is the most honest person you’ll ever meet. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Even though he may not always feel himself, he still continues to find ways to help his mission. Through all of the stuff he has going on, he never forgets where he came from and only strives to be a better person each and everyday. I hope you will consider Wilson a nominee. Even if he doesn’t win, it would be the biggest honor.

"Mama Tracey" Norris

Tracey Norris - Bulldog Hero nominee

Tracey or “Mama Tracey” as we know her, is a hard working woman. She is the treasurer of the Cleveland County CBA/Abate, Event Coordinator for the Royal Priesthood Motorcycle Ministry, Elder Board for the Coalition of Christian Bikers, Pastor’s wife of the Royal Priesthood Biker Church, and holds a full time job as a Program Manager for special needs adults. Mama Tracey is the true definition of a servant leader. She is always helping out in the community in some way, from working the Cleveland County CBA/Abate events to helping raise money for Autism Awareness, Abused Children of Cleveland County, Homeless Shelter Ride or just taking any money that you will gladly give her for any of the fundraisers that they have going on.

When she is not doing things with the Cleveland County CBA she is doing work with the Coalition of Christian Bikers. She works tirelessly on getting events coordinated throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Mama Tracey also loves giving back to the community through the Royal Priesthood Biker Church. You will always see her filling up the blessing box for the homeless in front of the church, helping with the monthly feedings of the homeless, or just sitting down talking with the homeless community so they can have a person to listen to.

She loves to help out and is a take charge person who will help whatever fundraiser to make sure it is a huge success no matter if it is just making a flyer, raising money, or getting people to donate their time and services. Mama Tracey loves her clients that she works with and she has been with them for over 15 years. She loves to have them come to the numerous events that are held close to the group homes and just to see the smiles on their faces it makes her day. She never asks for any special recognition but she deserves the Bulldog Award for her loving, kind, go-getter attitude and she just makes the world a brighter place. As someone once said she is the glue that holds it all together and I don’t know what we would do without her.

Michael Dorman

Mike Dorman - Bulldog Hero nominee

Mike Dorman is a true American Hero. He retired from the USCG/LEO and now keeps busy serving as both the Founder and Executive Director of Military Missions in Action, a nonprofit based in Fuquay Varina, serving all 100 counties of NC. This man truly never stops and does not know the word “no” when it comes to helping people.

On a normal day, he can be found assisting disabled veterans with wheelchair ramps, kitchen, and bathroom modifications to provide safety and maneuverability or providing medical equipment and lift chairs. He loves to share his passion with church groups, motorcycle clubs/associations. He also speaks to companies, small businesses, and other organizations to rally them together to make magic happen. He truly has a gift for sharing his heart, his passion, and his story to spread the excitement to others who help collect much needed hygiene kits, weather-related clothing, grills, sleeping bags and tents, bookbags full of food, water bottles, can openers, matches, bedrolls and blankets. Sometimes he is in the “basement” where over 8500 care packages are filled with snacks, food, hygiene items, books, crosswords, and bibles that get sent to our deployed service members. 

Not only has he been actively running the nonprofit organization for over 13 years, he also serves as the President of the Fuquay Varina Kiwanis Club and he serves on the town Board of Adjustments as Chairman of the Board. He is also a member of VEMA and serves as the association’s Chaplain and always assists with meetings, brainstorming, fundraising event planning, as well as working a table or behind the scenes as their Grill Master. He was given the Presidential Citizenship Medal awarded by President Obama. He also checks in and assists his mother daily.

When he finds free time, or rather he makes the time, he can be seen on his favorite Heritage Softail cruising the country roads or showing up at fundraisers for other charities to give his support. He is more of a “lone wolf” type rider, but he does enjoy riding with a few of his buddies and his nephew. He is such an amazing man, husband, father, son, and friend. This would be a true honor to have him be awarded this Bulldog Hero Award and since $.94 of every dollar goes back into his mission, he will make the best use of the award to better someone else’s life.

Keith Bills

Keith Bills - Bulldog Hero nominee

After the death of an 8 year old shot in a drive by on the south side of Statesville, Keith stepped up to let everyone know that he was there to help, love and support until there wasn’t any left. He has supported so many people in need. Now it’s his turn. He just had shoulder surgery and still helping to organize an event free for the community.

Brandon McNeely

Brandon McNeely - Bulldog Hero nominee

Brandon McNeely believes in building a better community no matter where or how you live. At an early age, as a cancer survivor, he developed the mentality to live everyday like it could be your last. He found different ways to help others around him or make each day a little better than the one before. Brandon had a heart transplant 5 years ago, since then he has worked to change the hearts of others.

Whether it is through encouraging others to “Donate Life” or just their time. His time is spent operating his local motorcycle shop (Blue Collar Cycle Co), using it as a springboard for his community outreach. To date he has partnered with OneBlood blood drive, Operation Toy Soldier, and Donate Life to bring awareness and help from the community. Poker runs, food drives, and charity rides are just a few ways he has given back. Brandon doesn’t like to be the face of a business, he just wants to be the voice for a community and what it needs. This is why I am nominating him as a Bulldog Hero.

Cat Terwilliger

Cat Terwilliger - Bulldog Hero nominee

“Carpe Diem” is Mz. Cat’s Motto, for good Reason! Commonly described as having ‘herculean strength & energy’, the Director of the “Look Twice” Program, which teaches EVERY single high school drivers education student in North Carolina, “How to WATCH OUT For Motorcycles” & because she loves it, she Teaches the Program in 8 Counties, Mz. Cat does NOT STOP! They have taught nearly 300,000 students!(in 10 years) When the Program became REQUIRED by LAW, yet its privately funded by the CBA (which, like all organizations, has suffered). She & the other instructors NEVER Stopped Teaching Through COVID! Despite great risk- Because she’s on chemo, has been for 13 years (for life-threatening illnesses). Brave, is the only face you’ll see her wear. She fights through the sicknesses, the pain, the treatments, meds and the sleeplessness. Like a warrior’s ritual, she puts on the wig, the make-up and a big smile and lives every day like it’s her last. Because it might likely be. She does not hide her sickness, in fact uses it, to encourage her students, ‘to say YES! to opportunities & to find their purpose and live it!’

They desperately need instructors. Anyone can teach this, at any school. She truly believes that each and every one of us, are here to help, and educate each other. Which is probably why she also volunteers for another local chapter of the Guardians of the Children (Mooresville). In fact, she created an entirely new type of children’s educational program, dreaming someday, every organization, that similarly helps children, could adopt L.E.A.P. The Little Guardians Education & Awareness Program. Meeting on a monthly basis, L.E.A.P. picks up, where our educational system stops. Family-based, positive-growth curriculum, teaching concepts like Bravery, Citizenship, Bullying or ‘Step’-Families with instruction, discussion & art therapy/make & take crafts to accompany/reinforce the lesson. Assemblies in communities & schools, educating our youth = less victims!

She always says, “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist, you just need to care!” EVERYONE, EVERY ACTION MATTERS!

Sherrill Baxter

Sherrill Baxter - Bulldog Hero nominee

Sherrill Baxter is an awesome man. For the last nine years he has organized a charity bike ride to help raise funds for our WalkinRoll Activities League for individual of all ages with developmental disabilities. Prior to his help, my budget was $5000 a year to provide t-shirt, trophies and activities for 150+ individuals with developmental disabilities. With the assistance of our awesome bikers we no longer have to recycle t-shirts and are able to provide a facility 2x per month for social activities.

Please consider him for the Bulldog award. He is truly our Bulldog. Please check our website to see some of the activities we are able to provide thanks to the generous support of Sherrill Baxter and our fabulous bikers! The smiles on the faces of our participants have been made possible by this compassionate man with a heart of gold, our wonderful friend Sherrill Baxter!

Crystal Ashe and Dennis Koch

Crystal and Dennis - Bulldog Hero nominees

Crystal Ashe and Dennis Koch have been the heart, soul and brains behind The Ride to Remember – Charlotte for the past two years. This ride was created by them for Memorial Day to remember the TRUE meaning behind Memorial Day…the men and women that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. The first year the ride was planned within 1 week from the Charlotte Vietnam Wall to the Thomasville Wall, and they had over 67 bikes and participants. This past Memorial Day with their amazing efforts, the ride grew to over 217 motorcycles and over 260 participants. The ride continues to grow and give the riders that participate a day filled of memorials.

Each year they have meticulously planned the bikes to get safely from the Charlotte Vietnam Wall to the Thomasville, NC Vietnam Wall Memorial, and this year Crystal fought with everything in her to be able to go through the VA National Cemetery in Salisbury, to give their riders a first hand perspective of paying respect to those laid to rest there.

With their efforts this past year over $2668 was raised for the VA as well as Operation Decisive Victory. Both Crystal and Dennis poured their hearts and souls into this ride, from coordinating 5 different sheriff departments for escorts to coordinating stops as well as safety and well being of every single rider there. They walked together hand in hand and presented wreaths at both Vietnam Memorial Walls to show their appreciation for the men and women’s names etched there for their sacrifice.

Both Crystal and Dennis not only participate in their own ride, but they are always participating and helping in charity and event rides every single year around the Charlotte, Taylorsville, Concord and Gastonia area including numerous toy runs and benefit rides for fallen officers, firefighters, back the blue, fundraising rides, memorial rides, etc. They are always willing to jump in and help with whatever needs to be done from helping with the event to blocking for the riders you can always find them willing and ready to help wherever needed. They truly are a team both on and off two wheels and deserve this award because they are true heroes each and every year to so many people.

Tim "Yogi" Rowe

Tim Rowe - Bulldog Hero nominee

Yogi is an active member in the community. He hosts the Orphan Run every year raising money for Sacred Selections to help families adopt children. He participates in Bikers with Boxes, numerous homeless help and outreach events, hosts Iron Saturday (bible study and outreach) every Saturday for many years and so much more.

He is a loving husband and a man with a big heart for his 15 awesome kids. He is hard working and dedicated and warms the room wherever he is. He is a brother anyone would be lucky to have in their life. He is always ready to help with a word of advice, an ear to listen or lending a hand to people in need. He has blessed many a life just by being the great man he is and practicing what he preaches.

I know a lot of people and this man’s name has always been followed by humble and helping. With over 30k miles and years bar to bar with this man, I am proud to nominate him as a Bulldog Hero.

Brian "Jailbreak" Higuera

Brian Higuera - Bulldog Hero nominee

Patriot Villas is a local motel which was converted into apartments to house homeless veterans. Each month, on the first Saturday of the month, Brian organizes an elaborate community lunch for all of these homeless veterans—many of whom are also sick and elderly. His commitment to this monthly event is tireless and extends beyond the monthly lunch. Brian often taken items collected in the community to Patriot Villas, and frequently does any other work he can for both the organization and the individual residents. As such, he truly deserves this award!

Eddie "Freight Train" Negrón

Eddie Negrón - Bulldog Hero nominee

Eddie is the leader of the Lowcountry Chapter of the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association, a National riders group for combat veterans. These riders focus on charity and outreach to fellow veterans. Eddie has led this chapter to becoming the biggest and most active in South Carolina, for membership, activities and engagement. He has excelled at fundraising for this chapter which is used for direct assistance to local veterans in need. Riding activities are heavily centered around the promotion of several key veterans outreach programs such as our annual Island Hopping campaign.

Eddie and several members recently completed an Iron Butt Ride for Hope for the Warriors. Eddie works tirelessly helping veterans and bikers and deserves this recognition!