David Blum | Bulldog Hero Nominee

2023 Bulldog Hero of the Year

David Blum - Mebane, NC

David Blum should be the 2023 Bulldog Hero because he works to reduce motorcycle accidents. Over the years he has worked with the state legislature to mandate motorcycle safety awareness training and actively participates in the program.

David is likely the most prolific instructor in the Motorcycle Awareness program taught in North Carolina high schools. So far in 2023, he has trained at least 700 students to look out for motorcycles. From the beginning, David was involved in creating the laws to mandate and fund Drivers Education including Motorcycle Awareness instruction.

He teaches to students in Alamance County where he lives. David tells the kids in every class true stories from his life and lives of his brothers. Tells about his and wife’s accident and the injuries they suffered. He tells them about bikers killed and their families. The students remember the lessons and tell him years later. David says he often hears from people who attended his classes that they remember him and to look out for motorcycles.

David is active in many aspects of motorcycling. He is the secretary of the Gypsy Jesters RC. He is married to the wonderful, supportive Lisa. For 18 years, has been as advocate for Motorcyclists Rights and still goes to Raleigh to meet with our representatives. David is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Mechanized Calvary of the SCV because he believes in protecting history for the future to learn from and preserving family heritage. He helps clean up old cemeteries and grave sites of Civil War soldiers, repair tomb stones and place flags on the graves. David does what he can to support veterans charities and community issues whenever his schedule allows.

David Blum is a Hero Biker to the general public and the brothers and sisters he rides with. Select David as the 2023 Bulldog Hero and you will have a great representative for many years to come.

Mike Lipford | Bulldog Hero Nominee

2nd Place Bulldog Hero

Mike Lipford - Charlotte, NC

Mike helps with the community and participates with community events. He will offer the dealership for benefit rides. He will contact the local law enforcement teams and have them help lead the rides out, so that everyone can get out safely and together.

Mike works with the homeless. If it’s bitter cold out he helps to make sure they have a warm place to stay. Or if it’s extremely hot out, that they have a cool place to go to. He will make sure if they need a shower they can get one.

Mike will help the children of the community that stop in with sponsorships for sports, projects or anything else a young developing child may be working towards.

Mike has partnered with WRA (Wilkes Road Alerts) Christmas for Kids toy drive and hand out. Mike offers the dealership as a place to drop off toy donations and stores them until the day we hand them out. He provides a place for the toys to be handed out to the members of the community in need for Christmas.

The best of all of us . Selfless giving, caring, does all he can not only for Wilkes county but for the entire Harley Davidson community. If there’s a need he’ll fill it. Not one to ever say no for anything he believes in. An incredible advocate for children and any worthy cause that arises. If it weren’t for this man, a lot of charities would not have been so successful. Saying he is the best of them s is an understatement. Please consider my friend, brother and fellow rider for this auspicious award.

Nathan Armas - Bulldog Hero nominee

3rd Place Bulldog Hero

Nathan Armas - Troutman, NC

My sweet husband has the kindest heart, and he has poured it into helping children in our community. He’s the President of the Mooresville chapter of Guardians of the Children. He went from patch to president in three years.

The organization was formed to assist children who have to face abusers in court and bullies in life, but under his leadership, they are doing so much more. They’re partnering with and volunteering time to help other local nonprofits like Pharos Parenting (providing parenting classes to at risk families), Child Advocates of Iredell and Alexander Counties (providing necessities for abused and/or neglected children in DSS custody), and Heartstrings (providing art, music, and technical skills to local at risk youth through local mentors).

In addition, they host an annual car show to collect school supplies for local children. They packed ninety book bags this year. They also host several community days throughout the year for local children to participate in fun activities free of charge. Our community is blessed to have this organization, and personally, I couldn’t be more proud to have a husband that has such a measurable impact.

Bruce Rutherford | Bulldog Hero Nominee

Bruce Rutherford - Burlington, NC

Bruce supports our veterans rain or shine. Any Veteran fundraiser Bruce is there to help out. Even the ones that don't involve motorcycles. And also fundraisers for children's charities as well. He is the most all around good guy I know.

Scott Efird | Bulldog Hero Nominee

Scott Efird - Locust, NC

Scott Efird is my brother-in-law and he has a heart to serve others. His life is devoted to service through so many ways. Scott’s passionate about his church then community and local government (including our country as a veteran of the Air National Guard). On February 21, 1999 he and his wife, Tracy, lost their 18 year old daughter, Kerri, to cystic fibrosis. Being avid motor cycle riders, they immediately started the Kerri D. Efird Memorial Scholarship Bike Run. Kerri was a West Stanly High School senior when she passed away just weeks before her high school graduation. Because education was important to Kerri and her parents, Scott and Tracy wanted to use the donations from the scholarship fund to help other West Stanly High School students further their education in her memory.

As of 2023, $117,000 has been awarded in scholarship funds. April 2024 will mark the 25th anniversary of the bike run. Twenty-five years of providing this run for bikers while educating our future leaders is an awesome accomplishment and service.

Scott Efird lives and rides in North Carolina and is certainly a biker that makes a difference in our community. He puts other’s needs before his own by continuing to educate other children after the loss of his only child. Scott leads by example through his daily life and commitment to serve others. I’m so thankful for his positive and loving influence in the lives of our community and family, especially my own two sons and three grandsons. They will all be better men for having him in their lives.

I must also include his wife, Tracy, in this Bulldog Hero nomination because it takes the two of them working together to make the Kerri D. Memorial Scholarship Bike Run going for 25 years. This year alone $16,000 was raised, 425 people were fed, and 145 bikers were safely escorted on this event (www.kerripooh.com).

I don’t know anyone more deserving to be considered for your Bulldog Hero Award than Scott Efird.

Crystal Ashe and Dennis Koch | Bulldog Hero Nominee

Crystal Ashe and Dennis Koch - Charlotte, NC

We would like to nominate Crystal Ashe and Dennis Koch for the 3rd year in a row as they are truly the meaning of a heroes!!!

Every year they sacrifice countless hours and days to prepare for one of the best rides in the area, The Memorial Day Ride To Remember. This is a ride that honors the men and women of the military that sacrificed their lives for our freedom, the true meaning of Memorial Day. The bagpipes playing, the wreath presentations, the fellowship, everything they plan for a special, memorable day.

It’s not about them or their wants…it’s about the FOUR different memorial sites they visit and the ceremonies they have. You can truly tell they love this country and what our lost military stand for.

I can’t imagine what it takes to coordinate 5 counties of sheriffs offices and police escorts and highway patrol., With 200+bikes participating yearly. Not to mention the road guard, T-shirt’s, patches and everything they do to pull off such a great FREE RIDE with all money donated going to a veterans charity. This year they gave all the donations of $1200 to Purple Heart Homes.

Not only do they put on an awesome ride, they are out and about almost every single weekend or several times a week helping other rides and charities. They participate and sometimes even help plan, cook, prepare and coach others for creating safe rides.

They both have many people in this community that love them and think of them as heroes!

Jack Stottlemire | Bulldog Hero Nominee

Jack Stottlemire - Fayetteville, NC

Sergeant Major (Retired) Jack Stottlemire is a 27-year military veteran with 14 combat tours that include Operations JUST CAUSE, DESERT SHIELD/STORM, KOSOVO, ENDURING FREEDOM, and IRAQI FREEDOM. Jack served in the United States Marine Corps and in the United States Army. He was a Paratrooper with the 82d Airborne Division and the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Jack served a significant portion of his career in the Special Operations.

Jack is a true American hero that exemplifies the Bulldog Hero characteristics by being a rider in the Carolinas and helping veterans get back on two wheels.

Jack is the Founder of Veterans Adaptive Motorcycle Program (VAMP) whose mission is to restore the freedom of two wheels on the open road to as many veterans as possible. VAMP accomplishes this by facilitating mechanical modifications to motorcycles according to each wounded veteran rider’s unique needs. This mission springs from an understanding that hitting the open road on a motorcycle can be one of the most healing and therapeutic experiences we can offer to those who live with the scars of war and the memories of tragedies and horrors that are unimaginable to most Americans.

Kenny Gilley | Bulldog Hero Nominee

Kenny Gilley - Winston-Salem, NC

I have known this man for 50 years. About 10 years ago I decided to get back into the motorcycle community and he was the first one I went to as far as how everything has changed in the world of motorcycling.

Kenny is an old school kind of guy, raised on those values. He has been there for me and many others in our time of need, whether it’s just advise or offering his shop to help. I consider him to be a part of my biker family and his Dad would be very proud of all the progress he has made in his life today!!!! I love you Brother and am happy to say that.

Johnnie “Gadget” Smathers | Bulldog Hero Nominee

Johnnie “Gadget” Smathers - NC

Gadget gives selflessly to his community, his family, his friends and the MC. Gadget has helped with many fundraisers. One of his favorite things is to teach young kids how to ride. Gadget will stand beside any person in need.

He is also a huge dog lover. He has a bag on his bike to give our pups much needed air therapy. He is in every sense of an old school biker. It brings me great honor to nominate him. He has taught me the love of bikes and all the joys that come from the biker community.

Dallas Street Jr | Bulldog Hero Nominee

Dallas Street Jr - Bennett, NC

Dallas Street Jr is the Founder of Soldiers of Mercy Motorcycle Ministry which just celebrated its 11th anniversary. In addition to the National Chapter that he is President and Pastor of, he oversees 2 other Chapters of SOM; one in Holden Beach, NC and the other in Blackstone, VA.

He does Pastor the National Chapter in Ramseur, NC but he is passionate about going into the highways and byways to reach the lost and those in need wherever he's lead. We do fundraisers for those in need whether it be for illnesses, memorials, medical care, etc. As a Motorcycle Ministry we are often supporting Motorcycle Clubs with their functions to help support their events. He leads Prayer Rides sometimes 2 more hours away if the Lord leads him to do so and the Soldiers will be right behind him.

Soldiers of Mercy is a very unique Ministry and everyone is welcome and encouraged to come as they are. Dallas preaches dressed just like he rides. He just gets off his bike and removes his helmet and brings awesome messages and services. They are always a little bit unique but you always walk away fed spiritually.

If one of his flock gets hurt or sick, he drops what he is doing and goes to them. His wife Angela is almost always by his side. He has a daughter, a son in law and 2 grandchildren. He has his own business, Street Construction, which is very successful. His motorcycle brings him great pleasure. He says his wind therapy gives him alone time with God and totally refreshes him and he rides as often as possible usually followed by a line of other Soldiers.

Dallas is a pillar of the community and I don’t know how he gets everything done as his life is so full. The National Chapter is in dire need of a bigger Church as we are busting at the seams. He is confident that the Lord will provide. Thank you for your consideration!

David Baker | Bulldog Hero Nominee

David A. Baker - NC

David has 22 years NCANG, 2 deployments to OIF and numerous missions during states of emergency. He works with CVMA (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association) locally and statewide helping others. He volunteers with Rockingham County Toys for Tots and L.O.T 2540 food bank for fundraisers. He works to better his local community and enjoys riding when he can.

Bryan Kahler | Bulldog Hero Nominee

Bryan "Shovelhead" Kahler - Iva, SC

Bryan Kahler AKA Shovelhead is a member of Honea Path First Baptist Celebrate Recovery and Broken Chains JC. If you mention that it's for Veterans or Children, he is in.

During his time with CR/BCJC he has been instrumental in helping put on the following events; 3 Engines4Education bookbag and school supplies and Annual Spring Rally where we pick an organization to bless. He also collects donations for Richard Campbell Veterans Home and takes donations of clothing to homeless and people needing items. He is also active in our veterans soup sale drive.

Bottom line, he is a great human being who does what he can to make our community a better place. Thank you for your consideration.

Michael Satterfield - Salisbury, NC

This man is an ex-Marine who fought in Desert Storm! First class guy that I worked with for over 30 years. 

He devotes almost all of his time to Veterans and Veterans organizations, when he's not spending time with his wife and daughter who has special needs. He raises money to put Wreaths on Veterans graves every year in the Salisbury National Cemetery! He rides with an America Legion Riders and Amvet Riders groups. He takes a trip on his bike almost every year back to Colorado where his family is from to visit his fathers grave. This guy is ALL AMERICAN and very proud of his Country!

He also drives one of the Ride of Pride trucks that Freightliner has to show support for all Veterans. He always brings that MARINE SPIRIT to everything he does! I'm very proud he's my friend,

Jason Willette | Bulldog Hero Nominee

Jason "Rooster" Willette - Bostic, NC

Meet Jason “Rooster” Willette; Jason is a retired US Army Sergeant and the Vice President of IGY6 Riding Club based in Cleveland County NC. He served as an active duty US Army Sergeant for 10 1/2 years with 5 combat tours and was a paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division with over 70 jumps, spending a significant part of his life serving our country. 

Jason also has 3 sons and a loving wife. While his service took him to many locations, when it came time for retirement he chose to settle his family here in the Bostic area.

His organization does volunteer work and fundraising for local First Responders, Military Members, as well as Children’s Group Homes in Cleveland County and the surrounding areas. The IGY6 RC mission is to support veterans, first responders, and children’s charities by holding events, as well as actively seeking events to support and coordinating with other community resources. He also rides with the PGR organization, to provide support and solidarity for his fallen fellow soldiers.

Rain or shine you can count on Jason to be at any event put on to support these causes, he is an avid rider and passionate about providing support for the community in any way possible. Jason fits the title of “Bulldog Hero” by exemplifying the characteristics of a giving, loyal, and doggedly driven to pursue the greater good for others outlook. We think he would be a deserving winner of the title.