Coronavirus Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

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What an unexpected turn our lives have taken. Our usual Spring riding enthusiasm has been replaced with uncertainty and fear. Our day to day has shifted into unfamiliar territory. Like most of us, I find myself being torn between achieving some kind of normalcy while respecting the new boundaries in place for the wellbeing of our society. While I don’t know what the immediate future brings, I do know this too shall pass and we’ll come out of it stronger and more united than ever. In the meantime, continue to do what you love. Riding can be a great comfort in these trying times, you just need to take a few extra precautions.


Avoid large gatherings for now

We’re all excited to kick-off Spring riding with rallies, group rides, and meetups, but try to avoid the large group gatherings for now. Limit your exposure risk by steering clear of popular hangouts that attract a lot of people.


Don’t touch your face after riding

After a good ride when you finally get that helmet off, we all know how good it feels to rub your eyes or scratch that itch that started nagging you a few miles back. Try to avoid this though, unless you are absolutely sure that your hands are fully sanitized.


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Maintain focus on the road

It’s a stressful time right now but safe riding requires focus. Inattention can cause accidents. Take a few minutes before you ride to get your head in the right place. Deep breaths, stretching and hydrating can help you stay focused during your ride.

Clean AND disinfect

The CDC recommends this two-step process in order to maximize sanitation. Think about the frequently touched surfaces that may need some extra attention, like handlebars, helmets, keys, etc. Clean then disinfect to kill any lingering germs.

In closing, I’d like to thank all our first responders, healthcare workers and anyone else working in high risk environments to help those seriously affected by the Coronavirus. Please stay safe out there and let’s all do our part. We’re all in this together. Ride safe.

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