Burlington North Carolina’s Motorcycle Lawyer

Burlington, North Carolina is a gorgeous city, with a thriving downtown surrounded by a landscape boasting beautiful waterfalls and rolling hills. Bikers who live here have it made. Not only is this city picturesque, it features tons of great activities, like venturing out to Lake Mackintosh, shopping at the Holly Hill Mall and Granddaddy’s Antique Mall, and hanging out a local biker favorite, Lucky’s Saloon. Be sure to make a stop at Down Home Harley-Davidson too. Many bikers like to ride their motorcycles through this beautiful city on weekend rides. Riding through Burlington can be a freewheeling experience but it’s not a risk-free activity so you always have to remain aware on the roadways.

The traffic in Burlington, North Carolina can be heavy at times. Burlington connects the Triad and the Triangle, so there is a lot of roadway activity. Many motorists drive without much consideration for the safety of bikers (texting drivers are you listening?). Motorcyclists are more likely to be injured than other motorists for many reasons including drivers drifting in and out of their lanes due to texting, drinking and driving and driving while distracted. Because motorcycles are smaller, it can be difficult for other drivers to see them. That’s no excuse, but you have to be defensive at all times. If you or a loved one is in an accident in Burlington, NC, you can count on the motorcycle attorney who has your back: attorney Bob Karney of The Karney Law Firm – CAROLINAS’ BIKER LAWYERS™.

Not only are motorcycle riders at an increased risk of being hit by a car, but they are more likely to get injured. Unlike car drivers and passengers, motorcycle riders do not have an enclosure to protect them. Therefore one of the best things that you can do to stay safe while riding is to put on a helmet. You decrease your risk of serious injury by up to 40% by wearing one. Nighttime is the most dangerous time to ride your bike. However, if you choose to ride around Burlington at night, you should consider wearing reflective clothing. This will increase your visibility, thus decreasing your chances of being hit by a vehicle. As an avid motorcyclist himself, Bob Karney has learned these things first hand and from his good friends in the Burlington biker community.

If an accident does occur, you can contact The Karney Law Firm, a well-known fixture in the North Carolina biker community. Our attorneys have had experience representing people in Burlington, North Carolina just like you. As an avid Harley rider, Bob knows that it can be difficult to deal with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. From accident through recovery, we’ve got your back.

Our goal is to get you back on the road and back to your life by making sure you are compensated justly for your motorcycle accident. Contact us today for your free consultation. In Burlington, call us at (336) 933-8800 or click here.