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Asheville Injury lawyerThere is no place to ride quite like Asheville. For bikers with an affinity for the outdoors and for laid-back fun, this area beckons to be explored. This valley town is surrounded by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, some of the oldest and most gorgeous mountains in the world. The vibrant streets of downtown Asheville with all its unique boutiques, bars and bistros is the place to hang out with friends. Make sure to plan a stop at Harley-Davidson of Asheville too. 

Bikers are easily the most vulnerable motorists on the streets of Asheville, especially in the evening. Serious injuries can happen even in low-speed impact mishaps for motorcyclists as we all know. The case particulars of a motorcycle accident are often very different from a typical vehicle crash. Motorcyclists do not have the physical protection that typical vehicle drivers have. That’s why anyone involved in a motorcycle accident in Asheville should call The Karney Law Firm – Carolinas’ Biker Lawyers™. Our personal injury firm focuses on motorcycle accidents and we are very proud of the testimonials we’ve received from our clients.

Unique Wrecks

All mishaps on the roadway are unique in some respects, but motorcycle crashes almost always produce serious or significant injuries to the operator. Even when the biker is totally compliant with North Carolina motorcycle laws, injuries can be long-term and often result in some level of disability. And accidents can be particularly difficult when they occur in remote regions like the scenic and remote 500-mile Blue Ridge Parkway. This means that even standard compensatory damages can be very high, which in turn means the insurance company will be serious about lessening the value or denying the claim. Motorcycle accident victims fare better with a personal injury attorney who is also an avid rider, like Bob Karney. He understands the intricate nature of motorcycle riding and the potential dangers involving distracted and unobservant drivers.

Comparative Fault

One of the biggest problems that an injured motorcyclist faces in an accident case is comparative negligence and the insurance company will always focus on this particular component of a case settlement. This is absolutely vital to a motorcycle accident in Asheville or anywhere else in North Carolina because it is one of the four states that still uses pure contributory negligence law. This prevents any recovery for injured riders who contributed to the injury on any level. This law makes it even more important to have an aggressive motorcycle attorney who can fight to eliminate any consideration of contributory negligence on the part of the injured rider.

Never attempt to handle a motorcycle accident injury personally. Always call a professional motorcycle accident attorneys like Bob Karney at The Karney Law Firm for a thorough investigation and evaluation of the potential value of your accident injury claim.

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