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Spinal Cord Injuries in North Carolina and South Carolina Motorcycle Accidents

When an event such a motorcycle accident or other motor vehicle accident causes paralysis, and takes away a person’s ability to use one’s arms and legs, the consequences are devastating. As fellow riders and personal injury lawyers for more than 40 years, we have seen first hand the trauma that comes from paralysis, including the stress and emotion that it can cause the victim’s family members.

By aggressively pursuing compensation for victims and their families after catastrophic motorcycle accidents, it may ease the burden of paying for mounting medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. At the Karney Law Firm, we represent people in North Carolina and South Carolina and fight to get the resolutions that our clients deserve. Set up a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you and your family after an accident.

Mecklenburg County Paraplegia Injury Attorneys

Injuries that cause paralysis, including paraplegia and quadriplegia, are life changing. Victims not only have to deal with the immediate trauma of the injury and accident, but will also have to adapt to the long-term damage that has been done to the body. Adapting to this damage is not always easy, but can be helped with rehabilitation, physical therapy, life care planning and nursing care.

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Of course, these methods are expensive and people who are already dealing with the trauma of paralysis should not have to worry about the extra responsibility of footing the bill. We are prepared to go the distance to help our clients recover compensation for their injuries. 

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*Disclaimer: The Karney Law Firm handles personal injury cases on a contingent fee. This means that The Karney Law Firm does not charge an attorney’s fee unless The Karney Law Firm wins or settles the case. While The Karney Law Firm may, under certain circumstances, advance case expenses in pursuit of a matter, The Karney Law Firm is under no obligation to advance the costs of litigation or provide a loan to cover case expenses. If any case expenses are incurred, those are separate, distinct, and the responsibility of the client. Any contingent fee earned is based on the verdict, settlement, or judgement obtained; case expenses are not deducted prior to the calculation of a contingent attorney’s fee.