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One of the most common symptoms associated with head injuries is memory loss, which can vary in severity, but has the potential for long-lasting complications. Due to their lack of protection from cars and other vehicles, even with the proper use of helmets, bikers are at risk of suffering head injuries including traumatic brain injury and memory loss after motorcycle accidents. Early treatment and rehabilitation are crucial for accident victims in the recovery process.

Affording that treatment is not easy without compensation from those who are responsible for your brain injuries. The Karney Law Firm, has been member of the biking community in North Carolina and South Carolina for years and have a strong track record of helping injured riders obtain successful verdicts and settlements.

Dealing with Memory Loss

Memory loss can stem from a variety of causes, but among the most common of those causes is head trauma. In motorcycle accidents, especially at high speeds, there is the potential for victims to suffer this kind of trauma. Even when accident victims do not initially know if anything is wrong, latent head injuries can develop over time that can cause memory loss and other cognitive issues.

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Memory loss is not only difficult for the accident victim to deal with but also for family members and others who interact with the victim on a regular basis. It can be more difficult for victims to perform simple daily activities, to return to work and to live safely and comfortably. Rehabilitation and therapy may be necessary for many years after the motorcycle accident occurs.

It is important to get every instance of head trauma in an accident checked out by a physician and to talk with Karney Law Firm about your right to compensation.

Mecklenburg County Head Injury Lawyers

If you or someone you know has suffered a head injury or TBI and is experiencing memory loss as a result, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer who can help you get the compensation you are entitled to and break down your options.

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