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When people fracture a collarbone, they could see all sorts of problems, such as bruising or deformity. They feel pain every time they try to move the shoulder and skin abrasions could appear. Many people undergo these injuries because of the negligence of others. They could end up missing work days and struggling through everyday activities. A fractured clavicle injury lawyer fights for the financial and psychological rights of individuals who have gone through this uncomfortable experience.

Cost of Fractured Clavicle

Most collarbone fractures can receive non-surgical treatment, but some do not heal properly, which causes a nonunion. Sometimes the fracture heals poorly and causes a malunion. Poor health or improper healing could result in even bigger problems. That is why it may be necessary to contact a fractured clavicle injury lawyer.

Common symptoms that fractured collarbone sufferers go through include swelling around the collarbone area and sharp pain whenever the arm or shoulder is moved. Generally, the doctor recommends that these people should rest their limbs. The bone can heal itself within a few weeks or months. However, during this time, sufferers cannot use the arm or shoulder normally, and this immobility could easily get in the way of important activities. People who use their hands for a living are affected the most.

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Karney Law Firm motorcycle injury lawyers keep the best interests of their clients in mind as they argue the cases. Their main goal is to help people obtain the damage amounts they need. We also learn how to work with insurance companies. Our lawyers have dealt with numerous cases and individuals, so they thoroughly understand how accidents fit in the legal system. Many people cannot make wise decisions by themselves and need the beneficial services of professionals.

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A fractured clavicle is a serious injury that deserves compensation, especially if the sufferer was not at fault. Valuable time could be taken away from a person just because another person was being irresponsible or was not paying attention. Make an appointment today by calling Karney Law Firm at 877-376-7982. If your case is not won or settled, you pay nothing.*

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