Gastonia's Top Motorcycle Lawyer

Gastonia, North Carolina has some of the region’s best scenic routes for bikers. Locals love to ride from Kings Mountain National Military Park in South Carolina to Crowders Mountain to take in the sights, which include a Revolutionary War battlefield and several state parks. The largest town in Gaston County, Gastonia is also home to some of the area’s most biker-friendly bars and restaurants including Buffalo Wild Wings and Hickory Tavern. Although Gastonia is a safe community, motorcycle accident injuries still happen. If you’re a local biker who has been injured in a crash, the Karney Law Firm can help. Gastonia motorcycle lawyer Bob Karney has been representing bikers since 1975. As a Harley rider himself, Bob represents the motorcycle community compassionately and knows the best way to protect his fellow bikers.

Gastonia is the biggest city in the county with close to 75,000 residents and drivers can be aggressive or distracted in the city traffic. Some of the area’s major motorcycle accidents happen on Hwy 321 and I-85 South, where the on and off ramps can be dangerous. Drivers do not always follow the rules of the road or keep their eyes out for bikers in this area. The NCDOT reports that the majority of fatal motorcycle crashes in Gastonia happen along these major roadways rather than on North Carolina’s more rural roads, but an accident can happen anywhere and at any time. When they do, turn to an attorney who a rides – attorney Bob Karney.

A motorcycle accident can cost a person a lot more than the freedom to ride. From broken bones to serious head injuries, bikers often suffer mounting medical expenses, surgery costs, physical therapy bills, time off work, and the costs to repair or replace their motorcycles. Insurance companies are eager to blame bikers, even though statistics show that most motorcycle crashes are the fault of motor vehicle drivers. Motorcyclists are also more than 30 times likely to be killed in a crash than those who have the protection of a car in an accident. But insurance companies do whatever it takes to get out of paying biker’s accident claims.

A rider himself, Bob Karney looks out for his fellow bikers and wants them to get the compensation they are entitled to when unfortunate accidents occur. Whether you’ve been involved in a minor crash or a catastrophic collision, you don’t need to take on the headache of trying to to fight the insurance companies alone. Insurance company legal teams will do everything in their power to blame bikers, deny claims, or settle for as little as possible. Contact the Karney Law Firm for a free consultation today to get you the compensation you deserve. In Gastonia, call 704.376.7982 today.