Fayetteville’s Motorcycle Lawyer

Fayetteville Injury lawyerThere’s a lot to do and see in Fayetteville in Spring. From a scenic ride to nearby Meteor Lakes Byway to museums like the Special Ops Museum and the Fayetteville Transportation Museum, Fayetteville offers bikers a lot of choices. There’s also the scenic one hour ride out to the Devil’s Tramping Ground. Sure to generate some stories you can share at Mac’s Speed Shop on N. McPherson Church Rd. or the Legends Pub on Bragg Blvd. Don’t forget to stop by Fort Bragg Harley-Davidson for some new gear and tune up before you hit the road.

Fayetteville is a multi-time winner of the All-America City Award with a current population of 204,000, making it the largest metro area in Southeastern North Carolina. Of course Fayetteville is also well known as the home of the Fort Bragg military base. With I-95 just east of town and a lot of riding near pedestrian traffic around the base, there is always the risk of motorcycle accidents. It is always a good decision for any biker to know beforehand who they would call for legal representation if they were ever involved in an accident. In Fayetteville, that first choice should be fellow biker and motorcycle accident attorney Bob Karney. Mr. Karney has over 40 years experience handling motorcycle accidents, and he can put his experience to work for you to help you attain justice in your case.

Motorcycle crashes are always serious because the potential for injury or death in an accident is greatly increased for bikers. Motorcycles offer minimal protection and even seemingly minor accidents can result in debilitating long-term injuries. This is especially true in accident claims involving head injuries, even when the claimant was wearing a helmet when operating the bike. This usually means that the injured biker will have diminished earning potential throughout the remainder of their life as well as significant medical bills, not to mention allowances for pain-and-suffering endured through recovery and even later in life.

Bob Karney understands this dilemma for fellow bikers in the Fayetteville area, whether they are local residents, members of the armed services or visitors attending events such as the All-American Tattoo Convention that occurs each year in April. Fayetteville motorcycle lawyer Bob Karney is very familiar with the local court system, The Cumberland County Courthouse and insurance providers and will work diligently to ensure that all of the legal financial recovery rights of his clients are enforced and maximized.

Do not let an insurance company deny your rights to an accident claim. Call Bob Karney immediately after a wreck in Fayetteville or surrounding areas because evidence must be recorded quickly and the investigation will start immediately after you contact the office. Take the first step and contact us today for an immediate consultation at 919-822-8800.