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If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is imperative to seek the professional advice of an attorney before talking with the insurance company. Our experience gained over the years shows that anyone who settles a claim with an insurance company without getting legal advice will not receive a fair settlement.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer With Experience in Motorcycle Insurance Claims?

Insurance companies know that most motorcyclists are not excellent plaintiffs. The companies believe that bike riders weave recklessly through traffic, speed excessively and, ultimately, deserve what they get. If a plaintiff is not prepared to go to trial, the insurance company is not likely to offer a fair settlement.

Knowing how insurance companies work, we do not settle cases quickly. We painstakingly prepare an analysis of each motorcycle accident case. We determine what actually caused the accident, calculate the long-term and short-term financial and medical consequences from the accident, in addition to identifying each and every possible source of compensation.

Even though North Carolina and South Carolina have strict laws that require all drivers to have adequate insurance coverage, the financial claims from a motorcycle accident frequently go above the policy limits. Even though we first make a claim for the policy limits to the driver’s insurance company, we also start looking for other possible avenues to receive compensation.

If your policy has underinsured or uninsured motorist insurance, we will file a claim against your policy to recoup any amount that the driver’s insurance policy does not cover. If the driver who caused the accident was on company business, we will initiate a claim against his employer’s policy.

Insurance companies are not going to let you know about other sources of financial compensation. Their objective is to limit their liability and get you to sign a waiver that releases them from any further liability.

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