Sarge Aguilar

...Hawkeye "Sarge" Aguilar is a true Bulldog Hero. A 17 year Army Veteran and prior North Carolina fire fighter/Rescue tech, Sarge sustained a debilitating injury on his last deployment. In spite of his determination to return to service and redeploy, his injury forced him into medical retirement. While battling with his own PTSD and depression Sarge lost his little brother to suicide in 2010. In response to this devastating event, Sarge organized local law enforcement, firefighter and military veterans into an awareness/support network. They work to combat the sense of isolation so many people in these fields feel and work in the community for suicide prevention for veterans, civilians and youth. The Patriot Warriors are now well known in the area for the Annual Neahi Aguilar Memorial Suicide Prevention event, the annual Anti-Bullying community event, an Annual Domestic Violence awareness/prevention community event, and multiple individual needs cases the organization takes on each year to provide crisis support to veteran and civilian families in traumatic situations. The organization also provides funeral escorts and homecoming reception for returning troops. Sarge has made a tremendous impact on several levels in his home and surrounding communities.


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