Darlene Kimsey

...Darlene Kimsey……wife, mother, grandmother, friend, freedom fighter….. This lady has been the State Treasurer for the Concerned Bikers Association for many years and has done a tremendous job keeping the records and managing all the chapter treasurers. She is kind, she is energetic, she is a shoulder to lean on, and she never complains about herself. She has served through, and trained many CBA State Presidents and also serves as an officer for her CBA Chapter, and in her spare time, she serves her local chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. She is always there to advise and keep us out of trouble by making certain we ‘follow the rules’. Although she is not in the forefront of the motorcycling community, her knowledge and her endless energy and kindness behind the scenes, keep the people who are in the public eye motivated and on the right track. These people who ask for no recognition, need and deserve more than we can ever give them back. Because of her steadfast service to the Concerned Bikers Association, I nominate Darlene Kimsey to receive a Bulldog Award.


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