Daniel & Tracie Massey

...I believe that Daniel Massey aka Puppetmaster is doing a great job in protecting the children that are abused by the people they trusted. He goes above and beyond the call to take care of these children by being with them in court and through the healing process. He is the president of the Winston-Salem chapter of the GOC ( Guardians of the Children) and he is very persistent with the getting these children the help they need when they are abused by sexual predators. Thank you for considering him for your Bulldog award.

Tracie aka Nonny..is the most deserving person for this BULLDOG HERO AWARD. Nonny, came into my life, 3 years ago, after my daughter became the unfortunate victim of sexual assault. I, myself couldn't find strength to go on at that time and so I called in the Guardians Of The Children. I'm not the easiest nor most inviting person to be friends with at all..especially if you are female lol. Regardless of my efforts or the size of the walls I had built, she always showed me love and support! She was there, for my kid. She didn't have to put the effort she did into me. She however earned her respect by attending every...and I mean every...meeting with anyone or anything in regards to Trigger's case. She stood and fought for my baby. NEVER ONCE complaining, always acting honored to do so. Above and beyond the call of duty...she attended EVERY and still ATTENDS EVERY event at school, ball games, etc... She's constantly a line of support for Trigger. We all know in such situations tolls are taken on all..let that baby have a question or need a hand and heart...Nonny has never once not been a life line! God later blessed me with two victims that needed a heart (daughters now). She has been all those things for Lani-bug and Ms. Kitty as well! I'm only one victim's parent. Imagine doing this daily for all that your chapter supports. SHE'S A CHILD ABUSE SUPER HERO! This woman is also my sister from God! She's the most loving caring person a girl could ask for. She always bends and breaks her neck to help every child, their parents and everyone. She wants to make their lives better. HER LOYALTY IS HER VIRTUE! On top of all these things, child advocate-psychiatrist, she's a mom of three. She also battles her own demons as well! See Nonny is a survivor of abuse with severe PTSD issues and anxiety, That makes it hard for her to even face some days! I know this lady deserves this award more than anyone! She's a warrior, a mother an adopted aunt, mom to many, and friend! Hot Nonny is my hero!


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