CW Smith

...Cw is assistant district Capt. For the Patriot guard. Does several hundred funerals a year. Decorates his yard for Halloween just for the children. At Christmas he puts up thousands of lights. This draws people in to Marshville . Serves cookies and hot chocolate. He dresses as Santa Claus . All this at no charge. People line up for blocks to leave their car and let their children talk to Santa or just walk around and play games . Nursing homes come and for the people who can't get off the bus he and Jane take cookies etc on the bus. All this at no charge. Just a donation box for the battered women's shelter. He plays Santa at orphanages day cares at no charge. Decorates his yard at Easter with decorations including a 8 foot rabbit. Works with scouts with flag ceremony s , works with union county veteran council. Helps disable people with anything they need. He cuts my grass , bushes and does house repairs and is on my life alert call list. He put my ring tone as a siren and he comes running when ever it goes off. On Veterans Day, Flag Day and Memorial Day he puts up flags in the whole neighborhood. What a beautiful site those flags are especially when the wind catches them. He is the first one to respond when some one needs help whether its getting a frisbee off the roof, new door knobs installed or a garage door that won't work. Always helping his neighbors.he is a blessing to Marshville and we are very proud of him. He does several motorcycle runs for charity, including toys for tots every year. His motorcycle gets a fantastic work out every year. He a generous, kind , caring person and patriotic and I'm so glad to call him my friend!!


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